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engine tuning

BMW have claimed they have built the “Ultimate Driving Machine” and we at Kinetechnik Motorsport are in no objection to that statement. Out of the box in its most standard of forms, the BMW M Power, irrespective of its series, is a fine drivers machine. Smooth power, racecar derived handling, handsome looks and the finest of sound tracks have been combined in a single formidable package. However, we feel that these already competent cars can be further enhanced through specific and detailed tuning. By approaching BMW tuningthrough a bolt on approach in specific keys areas the core of the car and its balance remain intact, but nonetheless enhanced. With this in mind and customer service our top priority, we have dedicated our time to research and source the best components that would not only tune a BMW for a greater all round driving experience, but not tarnish the quality or contradict the ethos of the marque.By increasing the airflow, improving the burn rate of fuel and accelerating the exit of exhaust gasses we can attain a healthy, reliable power increase from the engine that can be staged to suit all customers needs, preferences and requirements. As two customers needs are never the same, we have offered staged tuning to facilitate his or her choice, yet parts and tuning can be utilized independently or collectively.

ecu programming

As no human is exactly identical to another, the principle of engines not being the same also applies. Different engines make slightlydifferent amounts of power, and the variables that dictate these differences are numerous. The method in which the engine has been run in, the fuel quality and octane levels used and environmental factors all lead to vary levels of torque and horsepower.The majority of cars are delivered with generic ECU software to deal with regions or markets in which the car is sold. This is great for reducing cost and providing a uniform program for cars in similar areas,but it is far from ideal.Kinetechnik Motorsport understands that all cars are different and they must be treated as independent vehicles. In this light our ECU tuning isunique for every car. By approaching each car as different we develop specific software for its application. ECU tuning is often focused at increasing the horsepower and torque figures of an engine, but the benefits are not exclusive to only performance figures. As the ignition timing and fuelling are modified, along with the variable valve timing (VANOS) the engine can be made to perform more yet yield better levels of fuel economy, operate with reduced emissions and also offer an overall smoother vehicle.* This is the direct result of a more efficient levels of combustion within the engine itself.Software modifications can be made to both stock and moderately modifiedengines destined for road use. It is a rule of thumb that when hardwareis employed to increase the performance of the engine that the ECU is modified to compensate for these changes. It is essential for the ECU tobe optimized for the changes made to the engine as operating outside the boundaries of safe timing, fuelling, knock detection and VANOS timing will lead to a loss of power and potential damage the engine itself. At Kinetechnik Motorsport we take pride in custom programing the customers ECU to match his or her choice of modifications, be it a single performance part, through to a complete staged upgrade. This willensure that both power and safety are in perfect harmony.

ecu upgrades

Optimizing Fuelling for various markets, Octane Smoothing: 91 AKI / 95 RON, 92 AKI / 96 RON, 93 AKI / 97 RON, 94 AKI / 98 RONIncreasing the maximum engine RPM (Engine dependent) EG. E92 M3 S65B40 Engine, Max RPM 8500, 8600, 8700Air Mass Meter Delete (AKA Volumetric efficiency, Alpha N Engine Management) Specifically employed with our Kinetechnik Motorsport Carbon Air boxesCheck Engine Light Removal Specifically employed with our Akrapovic Exhaust cat delete pipes (*not road legal, please observe local laws and regulations)VANOS Programming Specifically employed when using our longer durations high quality Shrick camshaftsRemoving Top Speed Limiter (250KM/H 155M/PH, please observe local laws and regulations)Comprehensive Tuning Package, Creating specific custom software for customers modifications. Employed with staged upgrades, EG High lift longer durations Shrick Camshafts, Akrapovic and Supersprint Exhaust Systems, Carbon Fiber Air box and Catalytic Convertor Delete Pipes. *Minor exceptions to the overall smooth operation of the vehicle can be observed depending on the hardware installed. EG Larger duration camshafts can lead to a slight fluctuation in idle stability.*Software tuning has its limitations when using the standard ECU. Directmotorsport cars utilizing custom built race engines and transmissions will require a stand alone engine management system as it will need to control and monitor variables which are not employed in day to day road cars.

Carbon air box

More air and more fuel are the two crudest yet most specific variables for increasing engine performance. By having a greater volume of both within the combustion chamber the potential to make more power is there. However, it is not that simple. Variables such as flow rate, heat insulation and pressure balance of incoming air all have to be taken into account in order to develop and yield impressive power figures. With this to hand Kinetechnik Motorsport have researched, tested and have developed their own line of air boxes. Each and every air box is a hand made, multi layered carbon structure, which is vacuum formed and finished to provide exceptional strength at the lightest weight possible.The air box is specifically designed to take into account the variables that both promote and hinder performance. Carbon fiber as a material is agreat heat insulator and has a surface friction reduction surface, which facilitates the flow of colder more dense air into the plenum. Thevolume of the plenum has been designed in a manner to promote and maintain equal laminar flow rates and oxygen delivery to all throttle bodies and hence all cylinders, providing smooth and balanced power.The results of employing the air box are impressive. Overall increase intorque and horsepower throughout the RPM range, a livelier throttle response and an increased induction note. The carbon air box is the foundation of all staged tuning for the car, as it provides clean, cold dense air, which is vital for power tuning.


Camshafts in M power vehicles are very advanced out of the box. Theyoperate variable profiles depending on engine load and rpm and allow the car to produce more power yet maintaining respectable levels of drive-ability, emission controls and fuel economy. However, these can befurther enhanced and more power can be made from the engine. Modifying camshafts is a detailed and time-consuming modification. It isnecessary to ascertain the needs of the client, select the appropriate profile for his or her needs, set the correct camshaft timing degree andadjust the ECU to compensate. Larger camshafts will lead to more air in, but the biggest isn’t always the best! Defining the customers needs and desires from his or her tune is critical in deciding what overall profile to employ and from that point we can develop the balance betweenpower and drive-ability.Kinetechnik Motorsport only installs Shrick camshafts as these are quitesimply but the best items on the market. A history of engineering race camshafts, high quality road applications and offering a broad selectionof products is critical, as this empower our customer with a choice.Camshafts are essential to capitalize on the improved airflow promoted by better induction (air box and filtration) and exhaust modifications (header systems, catalytic convertor delete pipes and exhaust systems)Wide ranges of profiles are available, from road through to full race applications.*Minor exceptions to the overall smooth operation of the vehicle can be observed depending on the hardware installed. EG Larger duration camshafts can lead to a slight fluctuation in idle stability Camshaft results will not be fully realized with detailed and thorough camshaft alignment, timing and ECU modifications Higher lift camshafts will require further modifications to the valve train and may necessitate higher compression pistons and modified rockerarms. Earlier M engine will require high tensile valve springs and a shim under bucket conversion to prevent valve float at high rpm.

akrapovic and supersprint exhaust systems

The exhaust system is a critical part of producing power and continuing the essence of smooth and rapid flow. M power vehicles are presented with good quality systems as standard, but when modifications are employed to the inlet the standard unit soon becomes over worked an inefficient. This therefore limits the amount of power that can be made.Kinetechnik Motorsport uses only Akrapovic and Supersprint exhaust systems as part of their product offering. Both companies are market leaders and design and manufacture top quality systems that will not fail to produce documented gains in horsepower, torque and overall exhaust gas flow . The choice between the two systems is based on acoustics, aesthetics and price. As exhaust system are tuning parts thatare “on display”, we feel that it is important to offer our customer a choice.Both systems promote better exhalation characteristics, allowing the engine to expel and breathe better. The more efficient and less restrictive the flow of the exhaust, the easier it is for the engine to breathe, however, backpressure is vital in an exhaust. Both systems employ a small amount of backpressure to ensure that exhaust gasses do not escape too fast and therefore promote better cylinder chamber filling of air and fuel. This control of flow is determined by primary, secondary and overall system pipe diameters. These all vary along the entire length of the exhaust system.The exhaust as a modification can be used a signatory single piece to compliment an already impressive standard engine, or can be used with a combination of other modifications, primarily intake modifications, such as camshafts, carbon air boxes and high flow air filters. Like all other modifications the exhaust system must be “tuned and compensated” for in the ECU program in order to achieve the best results.

f1 style stepped headers system

As we have been searching for the ultimate headers systems on the market for the BMW M cars, we noticed that despite the great choice of quality, near equal length stainless steel, high flow headers available,none offer a true equal length and Formula 1 style step design. We decided to start with BMW S85B50 V10 engine from the BMW E60 M5 and E63 M6 to design and develop the worlds first true race inspired header system fit for daily street use. Our inspiration started with the fact that both step design header and equal length (within 1% variation) was among the key elements in assuring the optimum flow characteristics found in the modern F1 car and some of the leading race motors found in afew of the championship wining cars around the world. We started our 9 month project in Spring of 2011 and embarked on our journey to hand build a true F1 style headers for the biggest normally aspirated M motor. Specific attention to combustion chamber volume, volumetric efficiency, intake and exhaust valve dimensions as well as operating conditions including RPM from idle to redline as well as fuel type were among a few of our design constraints. The R&D of the KM F1 Headers is now complete and we will be showcasing all this unique product details on a few of our project cars to be viewed before being released to the world market.