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Kinetechnik Motorsport is a global tuning firm that specializes in complete automotive solution from the street to the race track.

We take the utmost pride in offering the highest quality race inspired and street proven products. We adhere to strict operating principles that require testing every product on our cars under extreme driving conditions on the racetrack in a safe environment before we make it available to the world market. This has been proudly demonstrated on our KM F1 Headers system for the BMW M5/M6 V10 (603 HP, making it deliver over 120 HP/L), where we have demonstrated proven gains of 90+ HP with over 90% reduction in emissions. Our KM 4.7L V8 E92 M3 based motor further pushes the envelope by delivering over 560 HP and 560 NM of torque in a normally aspirated streetable motor.

We are partnered with BMW Motorsport race teams in Europe that have been involved with factory motorsport for over a quarter of century that provide us with their winning experience and insights. We deploy that knowledge by providing you the highest specific output available to the M-Powerplants while retaining their factory design and perfecting their drivability.

Started in 2003 in California, with the main goal of delivering high quality normally aspirated engine solutions as per customer requests... So, why not build a lighter and more powerful BMW that retains all the factory pedigree characteristics. Kinetechnik Motorsport built 1000s of M3s among the fastest in the world both on the street and race track. European Car magazine, 2005... "0-60 in 3.9 seconds and 12.2 sec quarter mile, making this the Fastest normally aspirated M3 we've ever seen!" Add link to European Car magazine

By approaching BMW tuning through a bolt on approach in specific keys areas the core of the car and its balance remain intact, but nonetheless enhanced. With this in mind and customer service our top priority, we have dedicated our time to research and source the best components that would not only tune a BMW for a greater all round driving experience, but not tarnish the quality or contradict the ethos of the marque.

New Kinetechnik Motorsport products are all built with components/software manufactured and tuned in house. This is reveled on our KM M3 LM (E46 M3 V10, 550 HP) as well as KM Dhabyani (street car based on E92 M3 with our developed 4.7L V8, 570 HP) and KM Dhabyani (race car with our NA V10, +600 HP and our FI V10, +900 HP). Stay tuned for the some of the world fastest NA M3s at YAS Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Autodrome.

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Kinetechnik Motorsport was established in 2003, for US BMW M enthusiasts looking for CSL/GT performance. Offering Motorsport and Street proven products tested globally in racing series from Europe to UAE.

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BMW have claimed they have built the “Ultimate Driving Machine” and we at Kinetechnik Motorsport are in no objection to that statement. Out of the box in its most standard of forms, the BMW M Power...

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Kinetechnik offers a range of on site services from full race preparation to first class auto body paint and restoration. Kinetechnik groups team of engineers offers a wide range of design analysis and test services to assure...

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ECU Programming


As no human is exactly identical to another, the principle of engines not being the same also applies. Different engines make slightlydifferent amounts of power, and the variables that dictate these differences are numerous.



Optimizing Fuelling for various markets, Octane Smoothing: 91 AKI / 95 RON, 92 AKI / 96 RON, 93 AKI / 97 RON, 94 AKI / 98 RONIncreasing the maximum engine RPM (Engine dependent) EG. E92 M3 S65B40 Engine, Max RPM 8500...



Camshafts in M power vehicles are very advanced out of the box. Theyoperate variable profiles depending on engine load and rpm and allow the car to produce more power yet maintaining respectable levels of drive-ability...